How to make visitors spend more time on your e-commerce store



The success of the website is usually measured with the number of people visiting it. Traffic is mistakenly considered as the most precise and important measurement of the website success. In reality, the most important metrics you need to pay attention to is dwell time. It is time that one user spends on your website. The similar metric is a bounce rate if the visitor is living the website right away, or shortly after visiting it the bounce rate is high, on the other hand, if one is spending a lot of time on each session, the bounce rate is lower and better. As an owner of an e-commerce store, it is important for you to keep the visitors on your website for a long time. To say simply, if you have an e-commerce store for clothes, you don’t want your visitor to view one particular dress only, but check the skirts, handbags, and shoes you are selling.

It is possible to encourage your website visitors to spend more time on your e-commerce store and make them view different pages and products. With these tips and hacks, you will be able to design and arrange your website the way that will help you decrease bounce rate, increase visitor’s dwell time and most importantly, increase sales.

Create a relevant design

No matter how many times we will be told not to judge a book by its cover, we will still judge this way. The design is the cover of the website, it must look pleasant, welcoming and relevant to the business you are leading. If you love browsing the internet as much as I do, you would mention that each industry has its own colors. For the e-commerce stores that are selling healthy products, dietary or otherwise the color pallet is light and consists of white, green and orange colors. For beauty products, the color pallet is more bright and colorful, for financial services blue, grey, red and dark green colors are used as they emphasize stability, reliability, and professionalism. When I was developing, I made sure to use the color pallet that would set the mood for entertainment. You need to do the same, choose the colors based on what you are selling and not necessarily based on what do you prefer. View the most popular stores that have similar products for inspiration. When you have a relevant color scheme that suits your products people will be more comfortable and more willing to stay there longer.

Create an invisible guide for visitors

There might be a lot of products on your e-commerce store and you want to sell them all. But Most likely you would have products that you are willing to showcase more. It might be the newly introduced product you want to popularize, the special day offers such as for the valentines day or Christmas, seasonal products and more. Do not let the visitors leave your website without viewing them first. Time after time review your products, decide what do you want to sell the most, and what will be the most interesting ones for your visitors. Based on this information create an invisible guide for the visitors of your e-store. Arrange products in a way that one leads to another. Do not forget to showcase the best products at the top of it. At the same time leave the space for the visitors. Have a homepage button available on every page, as well as the buttons that redirect to the important information that might be needed, for example, FAQ section, or instructions how to purchase a certain product. When there is a guide like this on the website, visitors will not feel like trapped and follow your lead to the pages and products you want to be viewed the most.

Update the visual and product display

Constantly update your website. Unique visitors are important but you need to turn them into the constant visitors. They will check your website time after time when they want to buy something new or the same product from you. If your website will always look the same they will guess that there’s nothing new to see and simply close it. To avoid it make sure to change the products showcased on the front page, update the elements of the products based on the season, or certain days. It will need some additional effort but it, in the end, it will pay off.

Make your website responsive

Last but not least, make sure that your website is responsive and can be viewed comfortably from the other devices especially from the mobile. People are using mobile as the first device when searching for the products to buy or reading reviews of them. If your website takes a long time to load and it is hard to click on buttons visitors will simply start searching on another website that is more comfortable to browse, and you can be sure that most of them will forget to check yours from the laptop.