How to Display All Those Funko Pops That You Can’t Stop Collecting


You have a couple dozen Funko Pops laying around your house. You don’t know where they came from. Maybe Terry from accounting gave you Groot for Christmas? Maybe you drunk-bought Charmander for yourself? Who knows. All you know is now you have to put these things on display somewhere. Here are the best ways to do that.

I have a running theory that only a small minority of people actually buy Funko Pops. They’re cute figurines from a company that somehow got the license to use likenesses of every character from Pennywise to Deadpool dressed as Bob Ross. But only a few people actively collect them. The rest of us receive them as gifts, win them as prizes, or accidentally let them breed and multiply until they overrun our houses.

If you’re in that boat with me, you can make the most of the situation with some awesome ways to display your Pops-or any figurines you might want to put on display.

Floating wall shelves give you a lot of flexibility to display your Pops without taking over your whole living room. You can mount the shelves at eye level if you want to draw attention to your Freddie Mercury Pop, or you can mount them closer to the ceiling to make them more of an accent to the room. And to hide whatever this thing is from Valerian. You didn’t even watch that movie, where did this come from?

Taking your Funko Pops out of the box is not an uncontroversial decision. Thanks to their standardized design, once they’re out of the package, you might not be able to tell Aaron Judge from Giancarlo Stanton. Still, if you decide to go this route, a good acrylic case can keep your figures from collecting dust or getting knocked over. This one from Odoria has four ascending steps so you can see them all clearly.

Some Funko Pops are more deserving of prime display space than others. You can give your Mysterio a better home with a wall-mounted display case. This case comes with three shelves and a latching glass door. It’s not a lot of space, so you’ll have to use it for only your best Pops. Like the acrylic case, you’ll need to take them out of the box, so be sure you don’t plan on selling them as collector’s items later like you promised yourself you would.

This Patina Stan Lee may look like a bronze medal, but you can give Stan the gold spot on a figurine riser. This one from Gems on Display features slick hexagonal ascending podiums. There aren’t a lot of spaces on these risers, so, like the wall case mount, you’ll have to be a little pickier about which ones you decide to display.

If you’ve collected enough Funko Pops to stack taller and wider than yourself, the simplest option will be a dedicated bookcase. Not only does it provide plenty of room, but if you ever decide to collect something else-say…books?-the generic shelf will work better. You can use an entire shelf for your lineup of Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman, and I Guess Vampire Batman with plenty of space leftover for Batman in a Car.

If you decide to keep any of your Funko Pops in their box, but you want to be extra careful in protecting it, you can buy plastic protector cases to keep the boxes themselves in pristine condition. This 10-pack from Malko is only slightly more expensive than one normal Funko Pop. If you plan on selling your collection later on down the road, it pays for itself.