How Is This Scarlet Spider Figure Meant to Eat This Donut?


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I have grave concerns about how Ben Reilly-well, technically, Peter Parker, but also technically, same difference!-intends to keep that suit mask clean and consume the donut in this scenario.

Okay, yes, it’s an action figure, and one should not devote any mental processing power as to how an action figure would consume a plastic donut with its plastic mouth because it can’t, because it’s plastic. But when Hot Toys put this 1:6 scale Scarlet Spider in such a pose, checking his social media profile on a New York rooftop over a coffee and a chocolate glazed donut, they practically downright demanded I ask the question. C’mon, Hot Toys, you could’ve at least included a bonus, half-mask-up, donut-eating alternate head of Ben Reilly among all those accessories!

Well, I say Ben Reilly. But actually, Clone Saga jokes aside, this really is a figure of Peter Parker dressed up in the Scarlet Spider costume-because it’s specifically not the suit from the comics. It’s the unlockable suit from last year’s excellent PS4 video game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The third and most recent figure Hot Toys have done from the game (the standard suit and Spider-Punk both have figures that are yet to be released), the roughly 12″-tall figure includes several sets of hands to pose him swinging, punching, and doing assorted web-based tomfoolery, as well as the webs to swing and do web-based tomfoolery with.

Throw in a donut, a mobile phone, a coffee, and even Pete’s camera-complete with little Spidey-emblems on the lanyard!-and there’s actually a ton of extras already, but the Hot Toys Scarlet Spider actually wants to ask another existential question with its final accessories: How’s Peter meant to each this pizza?

Truly, a question for the ages, although, lack of an alternate head or otherwise, the answer would likely be messily.

The Hot Toys Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider is set to release some time later this year-but given its denotation as a “Toy Fair 2019 exclusive,” it’s likely going to be harder to come by, and a little more expensive, than your usual Hot Toys figure.

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