Hosting a Dinner Party Is Stressful, But These 5 Items Are Chill


We all have that one engaged friend who just seems to have it all together-you know, the person who’s just a living, breathing definition of “adulting.” She’s got impeccable style, her home is decorated perfectly, and she cooks the most delicious meals for her S.O. (and friends) while balancing work and, well, life.

Not that you’re complaining (everyone loves a good home-cooked meal every once in a while!)-you just want to find a way to support her. Okay, fine, and maybe you want to reap as many benefits while you can, too. The secret to doing so is hitting up Macy’s; the retailer has the kind of gifts that’ll set anyone up for a successful get-together.

So whether you’re shopping for someone else’s wedding gift, are the bride-to-be yourself, or just want to feel like you’re adulting too, these are our top picks for impressing guests.