Here’s What a Day Looks Like for Me These Days


Notes from our ed meetings:

Talk about the fact that there really is no “balancing act.” There are a lot of sacrifices, back-and-forth, and multitasking.

Everyday of the work week, G and I get up together, then alternate getting Sloan ready for school. My mornings with her are significantly easier now that she’s older. She goes to the bathroom, gets dressed, and even takes out all the ingredients for breakfast on occasion-her chocolate protein shake, a placemat, and ingredients for pancakes. She now brushes her hair and teeth and plays by herself, so I can get ready myself before walking her to school.

G and I used to watch the Today show, and it was nice and carefree, but we can’t exactly have the news on with a four-year-old at home.

Sloan gets out of school at 2:30 PM, and our nanny has her for three hours in the afternoon before G and I arrive home after work. This gives us the opportunity to go grocery shopping in the afternoon.