Here’s The Latest In The Absolute Clown Show That Is The Tory Leadership Contest


Greetings to the rest of the world from the UK: Here is the latest in the slow, almost inevitable process by which our ruling party decides this man should lead our country, even though half of them don’t agree with him on his strategy, and the rest have no faith in his ability to implement it.

First, the fallen. It is our solemn duty to announce that we have lost Esther McVey in the leadership race.

It is also our duty to commit to history the tribulations she faced during her brief but captivating campaign.

By which we mean: the Great Lorraine Kelly Fiasco.

So that all went well.

And on top of everything, it also came out that she spent nearly £9,000 on a personal photographer, which was a pretty wild revelation, given that her campaign focused on championing “working people”.