Here’s 20% off Eco-Friendly Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Day


Sunllipe Eco-Friendly Floor Lamp (9W) | $32 | Amazon | Promo code 21720OFF
Sunllipe Eco-Friendly Floor Lamp (9W + 4W) | $37 | Amazon | Promo code 21920OFF

This could be us, but you don’t have an eco-friendly floor lamp and my 2020 resolution is to be more environmentally conscious. *Sigh* on the bright side, Sunllipe has two deals on LED floor lamps that are to die for. $32 for a single 9W bulb (promo code 21720OFF) or $37 for pretty much the same lamp with a second 4W bulb (promo code 21920OFF).

In the Amazon description, Sunllip explains that its choice of LED beads not only save energy but last a lot longer than traditional lamps as well (up to 40,000 hours!). Plus, the merchant claims, you’ll save “up to 90%” on your electricity bill. They look good too, which is always a nice bonus.


From amazon Use code 21720OFF

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From amazon Use code 21920OFF

20 purchased by readers G/O Media may get a commission