Here We Go Again: Does This Recording Say \

Please just listen to the recording below, in which a man’s voice is either saying “brainstorm” or “green needle.” But this time there’s a TWIST: The word you hear CHANGES based on which one you’re thinking about.
It’s just like that yanny/laurel mess, but with the added ability to change what you hear, whenever you want. YOU CAN ALTER YOUR REALITY WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND!!!
Okay, let’s try this out. Play the recording below, and think of the phrase “green needle” in your head. You’re gonna hear a voice say “green needle.”
Now play the EXACT SAME RECORDING, while thinking of the word “brainstorm.” What do you hear???
And just for fun, go ahead and listen to it a THIRD TIME, and think of whichever phrase you damn well please!!! I promise you’re gonna hear it.
The clip was originally recorded as part of a toy review on YouTube by DosmRider. (For the record, the toy is *supposed* to be saying “Brainstorm.”) On Twitter, the video’s creator expressed his own confusion about the whole phenomenon.

Here’s me sitting at my desk, listening to this recording on repeat forever:

Brainstorm! Green needle! Brainstorm! Green needle! I can’t stop doing it.