Hear a new Pixies song from their upcoming album about \


Pixies dabbled in horror on 2016’s Head Carrier, an album featuring multiple songs about a martyred bishop who may or may not have walked for six miles with his decapitated head in his hands. With Beneath The Eyrie, the post-punk outfit’s upcoming studio album, they’re sprinting full bore into the darkness.

As Rolling Stone reports, Beneath The Eyrie will consist of 12 songs about “witches, Daniel Boone, misfits” and other spine-tingling subjects. Lead single “On Graveyard Hill” is riddled with archetypal horror imagery-there’s a moon and a curse, as well as an ominous crossroads-that spills from the growling, guttural vocals of Black Francis. Check out an eerie visual for the song below.

As we previously reported, the album’s lead-up will include a 12-episode podcast chronicling Beneath The Eyrie‘s creation. British music journalist Tony Fletcher hosts It’s A Pixies Podcast-it was previously called Past Is Prologue -which premieres on June 27. “While the emphasis of the podcast will be on the creation of the new album and looking forward, we were very interested, from a story perspective, in the way history has shaped who the Pixies are, and how and what they are creating now, how the past creates the present,” said Michael Simons, co-founder of podcast producer Signal Co. No1, back in January.

Beneath The Eyrie, meanwhile, will haunt your dreams until its September 13 release.