Gita is a $3,250 personal cargo robot that follows you around

Fantastical future visions from the early 20th century foresaw a time when silver jumpsuits, flying cars, and robotic assistants would be

26 jobs that confront death more than others

tDeath is an inevitable part of human life.tPeople in some jobs confront death more often than others.tUsing data from the Bureau of Labor

Stay-at-home moms need work-life balance too - here are 5 ways to achieve it

tMany mothers struggle with finding the time to "do it all," particularly when it comes to everything they need to do.tSometimes taking care of

Stuck In a Rut? Here Are 15 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Situation.

Image credit: LumiNola | Getty Images 11 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Self-indulgence and pity parties are
Why Great Leaders Ask Great Questions

Why Great Leaders Ask Great Questions

Answers or Questions - One Has Far More Power One of the things you should be asking yourself as a leader is whether you're giving out more answers

Silly Sushi Nigiri - COOL HUNTING

This plush, smiley sushi toy measures four by seven inches and has passed all ASTM (aka American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements, so

Ancestry's genetic tests can now tell you about your health

Up until now, if you wanted to learn about how your genes impacted your health, you probably turned to 23andMe. The consumer genetic testing company

Who says you can't eat red meat? Food advice questioned anew

NEW YORK (AP) - So is red meat good or bad for you? If the answer were only that simple. A team of international researchers recently rattled the
Maruti Suzuki reports Rs 154-cr investment in CSR initiatives last fiscal

Maruti Suzuki reports Rs 154-cr investment in CSR initiatives last fiscal

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) on Tuesday said it invested over Rs 154 crore towards its CSR initiatives in 2018-19. The country's largest carmaker's

The Worst Shoes for Your Feet, According to a Doctor

We all know the feeling: You walk out the door for a day on the go, only to find 20 minutes later that your choice of footwear just isn't going to