‘He Has Our Back’: Coal Miner Praises Trump for Ending Obama’s War on Coal


A West Virginia coal worker praised President Donald Trump for his plan to ease Obama-era climate restrictions on coal-burning power plants.

The proposed new rules, which the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release this week, would be the latest in a series of reversals of policies the Obama administration adopted to slow climate change.

Bo Copley said Trump is following through on his campaign promise to support the coal industry.

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“It’s great for us to be able to say we have someone who cares about the people in this state and cares about the people in our industry, that he’s got our back,” said Copley, who made headlines in 2016 when he showed then-candidate Hillary Clinton a picture of his family and asked her about plans to cut coal mining jobs

Bo Copley: “The fact that the president is willing to go to bat for us, regardless of what anyone else says, is just going to strengthen the kind of support that he has from the people of this state.” pic.twitter.com/dzhnwqDkd9

– Fox News (@FoxNews) August 20, 2018

He said that Trump’s commitment to the coal industry is why he had such strong support in coal states in the 2016 election and why those states will continue to support him.

Trump on Tuesday will hold a campaign rally in Charleston, West Virginia, and Copley said he would like the opportunity to personally thank the president.

Copley, who ran in the West Virginia GOP Senate primary in May, said he spoke to fellow coal workers to help drive turnout for Tuesday’s rally, and he heard a similar sentiment from many of them.

“As I reached out to a lot of people this weekend, I had a lot of people say they would give anything to have the opportunity to thank him for our industry and thank him for people who just want to get up and go to work and provide their families.”

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