Google Maps could alert passengers when their taxi goes off route


According to a media report, Google Maps is testing a new feature that would send users an alert if their taxi strays 500 meters off route.

XDA Developers discovered on Monday that, in India, Google is testing a new feature in Maps that would “send an alert to your phone every time you get sidetracked from the intended course by 500 meters.” This means that when you stray from a route, the path won’t be recalculated; it also means that you would know when your taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver is taking you anywhere besides directly to your destination.

Just last week, SOS alerts started rolling out to Maps, too, offering users information about where a natural disaster is and its potential movement. Later this summer, Maps will also send you an alert if your route could be affected by a crisis and will likewise reroute the path to avoid any dangers.

Adding alerts for route deviations is just another way Google is working to keep users safe. As of today, however, the feature is only available in India; there’s no word whether it will roll out globally or not.