Frank’s RedHot Made a Powdered Hot Sauce That You Can Sprinkle on Anything


Hot sauce is more than a condiment – it’s a way of life. It brings the heat to any dish and just make it better, if you ask us. Frank’s RedHot is one of the most popular hot sauce brands, and they’re giving us a new way to enjoy its flavor – with Buffalo Ranch Seasoning Blend.

“Add the perfect blend of buttermilk tang and cayenne heat to everything from fries and wings to burgers, pasta, chicken and more with Frank’s RedHot Ranch Seasoning Blend,” the description says. “This ranch-style seasoning is your new pantry MVP – Shake that $#!t on everything!”

The seasoning has been out since at least last year, but many people are just learning about it. You can get it on Amazon Prime, and one Instagram user said they spotted it at Meijer.

The 4.75-ounce bottle has about 191 servings, if you stick to the 0.25-teaspoon serving size. Personally, I’m dying to try this on eggs and chicken. Can you say “game-changer”?