Forming a football treble bet


While there are a lot of different ways to bet on football, we see a lot of football tips made into trebles, with punters clearly trusting bets made from three selections. It’s possible to make your own treble bet with ease but before blindly picking three results at random, we’d say that it was best to consider what goes into these bets. Knowing what makes up a strong treble bet also offers help for when you’re identifying football tips that are worth backing, as there’s all too many bets that are effectively picked at random.

Hints on picking your own treble bet would include:

Consider the odds on all three selections

As with any bets you’ll make, the odds are significant in determining what you’ll stake on it and how likely you think it is to land. Punters find three football tips and add them into win treble bets due to the fact that – when chosen correctly – it should be a strong balance of odds over all three selections. This means that not only should you avoid three big odds selections, but you should also avoid three small odds selections, as both can be damaging to your bet.

This is the sort of philosophy seen on websites like FootyAccumulators, where they always look to establish football tips that are likely to land but that also come with worthwhile odds. This isn’t solely inclusive of their Win Treble Tips page, but also their Both Teams To Score bets and their coveted Football Accumulator Tips.

Mix up where you’re finding your football tips

It seems easy to pick three football tips from the same league but by doing that, you’re jinxing your treble bet. Correctly predicting the outcome in one football match can be hard enough at times, so imagine how unlikely it would be to correctly predict the winner of three fixtures from the same football league.

There’s also less of a need to do this with such a large set of options for match result betting tips in all English leagues and the array of major football leagues across Europe. Rather than backing three Championship teams to win all of their games on the same day, you could pick out one especially strong tip and choose your other treble bet selections from Italy or Spain, increasing your chances of landing the bet and also potentially enhancing the price you’re being given.