For Honor shows Shadows of the Hitokiri event


Ubisoft teased Shadows of the Hitokiri, a new update for For Honor, during its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press briefing today in Los Angeles. The event is part of Year 3, Season 2, and it’s available now through June 27.

The trailer talked about a woman samurai who slaughtered every one in a village, becoming the “spirit of death.” Sakura is the spirit of death, and “she brought a curse that’ll doom us all,” the voice said.

The new Soul Rush game mode has heroes fighting in Kaidan, a dark village that legends say Sakura’s victims haunt. You defeat soldiers and collect Souls in secure them in Soul Zones for their team. The first to 1,000 Souls leads to the other team to break, giving a chance for a win. Winners get rewards available just during the event.

For Honor recently came to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming service.

Ubisoft launched an expansion, Marching Fire, in October. It added a new faction, new heroes, and a 4-on-4 mode, along with prettin’ up the visuals, two-person co-op PVE, and unlimited single-player gameplay.

Ubisoft puts on weekly Warrior’s Den livestreams and tournaments. On the stream, For Honor developers and designers talk about what’s going on with the game.

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