Factbox: Apple software developer conference highlights 2019


(Reuters) – Apple Inc executives introduced app developers to hardware and software improvements at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2019 on Monday. Here are some highlights:

Mac Pro:

* Introduced Mac Pro computer for creative professionals starting at $5,999: Mac Pro video card includes programmable chip to speed up high-resolution video playback.

* Unveiled $1,000 monitor stand.

* High-performance AMD Radeon GPUs to power Mac Pro; Mac Pro will have 28-core Intel Corp processor.

* New 32-inch display called the Pro Display XDR.

* Introduced its new MacOS Catalina: replacing iTunes with Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV app.


* New operating system called iPadOS, which is based on iOS for iPhones, making it easier to multi-task with the help of split-screen.

iOS 13

* Unveiled iOS 13, its latest version of its iPhone operating system.

* “Sign in with Apple” for web login: will allows users, for privacy reasons, to login with their Apple IDs instead of Facebook or Google ID. Apple says its system has better privacy.

* Operating system redesigned to include “dark mode”: gives system menus and apps a dark background.

* Unveiled a revamped Maps.

* Siri will have a more natural voice and work with apps like Pandora and Waze on CarPlay.

WatchOS 6

* Apple Watch able to download apps directly from app store.

* Cycle Tracking App for tracking menstrual cycles and activity trends. Data stays on the device and is encrypted.