EXPRESS 40% off, Made in the USA $500 Suits, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Wait. That’s not what’s on Monday? Oh. Okay. Well, on with the (large) handful anyway.

Those merino hoodies could convince even the most anti-hoodie types (hi!) that perhaps, just maybe, this once, a hoodie wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. Maybe.

Half canvas, Italian wools, and made in the USA. For five hundred bucks? Yes indeed. But it’s a select styles sale, and some of the styles are a bit funky. Still though, really nice for the price and some of the styles (as shown above) are pretty close to wheelhouse. Do note that their sizing selector is weird. It can look like they only have “short” sizes available, until you click on your size, and then short/regular/long options will pop up.

Not a full site-wide 40% off, and not as good as their friends and family offers, but still not bad. Big thanks to Brad V. who sent in this tip about the above Vegan Suede Trucker: This thing is fantastic. Was totally struck by the color in person. You had a review of the vegan suede bomber that intrigued me but I have no use for another bomber. This trucker jacket is phenomenal though. Medium tall fits me perfectly at 6’3″ and 170-ish. Definitely worth an add to the next BR sale round up or the fall jackets post.

Still going strong. And if you haven’t already, you can save an additional 15% off by signing up for their email list (the “collectors”) and you’ll get a one time 15% off code. Full picks from the sale can be found here.

Lots of exclusions. Kinda bummed that their Kenton boots aren’t getting any sort of cut this time around. Blazers are out too. Fingers crossed that that changes next time?

Not on sale, but check that thing out. Just debuted. 100m water resistance. Comes with both a nylon NATO and a leather strap. Nice texture on that “super brushed” dial. Functioning/rotating bezel. Mineral crystal. Nice red dot seconds hand. Huckberry tree at 12 o’clock. Exclusive run limited to 700 pieces.

Limited to just the sweaters and jeans categories (cords count as jeans this time,) but half off? That’s solid for Old Navy. Prices are as marked online.

Sadly doesn’t stack with the suit sale. Looks like there’s more up for this deal than you’d think. Exclusions are the younger leaning Red Fleece line, and some high end super fancy stuff. Now, I know Brooks Brothers can feel a bit spendy (even with the discount) and conservative. And that’s because it is for a lot of younger guys. But that doesn’t mean the stuff doesn’t work and work well. Lotta guys swear by yee ole Brooks Brothers.

Coat season is upon us. Maybe. Depending on where you live. And man does Spier and Mackay have some coats with… presence? I think presence is the word.

Use the GAPFALL for 40% off, and then the WARMUP code for an additional 10% off (that = 46% off total.) Lots of saturated blues and rich browns for the fall/winter season. Basic, timeless designs. And that’s not a bad thing in today’s hyper trendy retail world.

I don’t have any experience with UNIQLO’s cashmere, and since their extra fine merino is so good, I don’t think even during a sale some of us who are fans of the merino option are gonna dive in. BUT. Doesn’t mean some of you who love cashmere won’t. Ultra light down vests are ten bucks off as well.


  • Alpine Cap Toe Boot in Brown – $199.20 ($249)
  • t

  • Bond Street Cap Toe Oxfords – $199.20 ($249)
  • t

  • Hamilton Cap Toe Boot in Brown Tumbled Leather – $199.20 ($249)
  • t

  • Fifth Avenue Cap Toe Oxford – $183.20 ($229)
  • t

  • Dalton Weatherproof Boot – $239.20 ($299)
  • t

  • Nomad Chelsea in Snuff Suede – $199.20 ($249)
  • t

  • Higgins Mill in Weatherproof Tan – $199.20 ($249)
  • t

  • McAllister Wingtip Oxford – $199.20 ($249)
  • t

  • Strand Cap Toe Oxfords – $199.20 ($249)

This is the old-school, no e-commerce, affix ye ear trumpet and dial the telephone gotta call them up to make an order. And remember, it’s still a $25 restocking fee if you send them back through the mail. No links above because you have to sort by size and width on the home page, and availability varies greatly depending on what model you’re after. Head here for an explainer as to just what Factory 2nds are all about and why they’re a bit of a gamble.

The Pick: Made in Italy “Bond” Peacoat – $521.25 ($695)

Look what’s getting the cut. Just in time for the weather to actually cool off. Big thanks to Chris V. for the tip!!

Not limited to just one item this time. You can stock up if that’s your thing. Item DOES have to be full price though, so, no double dipping into the sale section. Free shipping no minimum is a nice bonus too!

Also worth a mention: