Exclusive: Here’s the Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead house now


It’s been almost 30 years since Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead hit theaters, but the movie is still almost as popular as ever. It’s not only getting a ; fans still covet the clothes from the General Apparel West runway show and tell antsy bosses they’re “right on top of that, Rose!” Who can even really finish washing up their kitchen without at least thinking, “The dishes are done, man”?

That last line came courtesy of actor Keith Coogan, who played stoner brother Kenny in the film, and who teamed up with Wargod Records for the exclusive video above, in which he gives a tour of the original house from the film. It’s in celebration of the film’s soundtrack finally getting an LP reissue, and it’s a fun and interesting look at the location where so much-really, it’s a lot-of the beloved movie was shot. Coogan throws in lots of behind the scenes tidbits along the way, like about how they shot Walter’s fall from the roof, the temp music played on set during the aforementioned GAW runway show, and about his original audition for the Clown Dog hunk Josh Charles would later embody.

If you’re interested in the LP reissue, you can pick that up . It comes on Clown Dog and I’m Right On Top Of That, Rose colored vinyl, all for only $28. Frankly, that sounds like petty cash well spent.