Every Trendy Accessory on Amazon Is Right Here in This Story


By now, it’s old news that Amazon is a secret trove of fashion treasures. (Hello, viral $3 pearl barrettes.) This is especially true for stylish yet budget-minded shoppers. Unfortunately, the hard part is actually finding the diamonds in the rough. It takes a hell of a lot of navigating and, as we’ve learned, a talent for anticipating the right keywords to suss out the true goods.

With billions (literally) of products to wade through, we’ve had to get a little creative-and patient-with our Amazon shopping methods. But with a bit of perseverance, we’ve discovered this season’s biggest accessory trends are available on the mega e-tailer for next to nothing. From beach essentials like straw hats and shell necklaces to street style fare like tie-dye bucket hats and sporty sandals, your next few Insta posts will prove you’re clued in without blowing your summer vacation budget. Be thankful for Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping, and get these 18 fashionable finds to your doorstep stat.