Eric Andre supports bid for him to become the new Ellen host


If Ellen DeGeneres steps down from her long-running daytime talk show-and the allegations made against the workplace certainly make it sound like she ought to-a rare window of opportunity will open. While rumors have suggested the unimaginative suits in charge of picking a replacement host have James Corden in mind, the internet has rallied around a much better choice: Actor and comedian .

As anyone who’s seen Andre’s own talk show knows, he’s a perfect fit for the job. His introductions are just as high-energy as Degeneres’ and he’s an incredible interviewer, skilled at making his guests comfortable enough to share all sorts of fun anecdotes. It’s obvious that he deserves the gig, but, in order to let the bigwigs know what a groundswell of support this idea has, someone with the appropriate handle of “RANCHPOSTING FAN SQUAD” has started a petition to gather signatures. “Get Eric Andre to replace Ellen, keep show format the same,” the petition says. “Also don’t change the name!!”

It’s already gathered about 60,000 of the 75,000 signatures it’s aiming for, and recently got a boost from Eric Andre himself-which is good, we suppose, since he’d have to host the thing. Andre showed his support by tweeting a pair of photos, his face grafted onto Degeneres’ head …

… and another where his features have been mixed into hers, creating a stunning hybrid talk show host destined to bridge the gap between daytime and late night programming.

Now that Andre’s on board, the dream of a properly revamped Ellen is closer than ever before. Make it happen, internet. Sign the petition. Let your voices be heard. The Ellen show has been hosted by an Ellen for far too long. It needs a new, vibrant personality to take the reins. It needs an Eric.

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