Engagement Ring Piercings Are The New Fashion Trend


Getting engaged starts with picking the right ring. Most people choose to surprise their significant other with an engagement ring they choose themselves while some couples like to shop for the engagement ring together. Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment between two people who are about to embark in marriage. Modern couples are taking that idea of commitment to a whole new level. Engagement ring piercings is a growing trend among newly engaged couples. This kind of piercing is not without risks. Here is anything and everything you should know about engagement ring piercings:

What is it?

While the idea of an engagement ring piercing is quite new, the piercing style itself is not revolutionary. An engagement ring piercing is essentially a dermal piercing or surface anchor piercing. Dermal piercings are often popular for other areas such as the chest or back.

A traditional piercing has one point of entry for jewelry and one point of exit, and this is how the jewelry is able to attach to the skin. However, this style of piercing involves punching a hole into the surface of the skin thus creating an entrance and exit for jewelry that is then anchored in place.The piercing makes it look as if the gem is embedded into the skin. According to the Associate of Professional Piercers, these types of piercings are generally safe and invasive with appropriate care and when done by a professional piercer.

Risks To Be Aware Of

Although for the most part engagement ring piercings are a simple procedure, they do have some risks that are because of that particular part of the body. Most people that choose to get this piercing often tend to choose gems that are bigger than what is normally chosen for a dermal piercing. This creates some problems when it comes the skin rejecting the piercing and care.

Additionally, the skin around fingers are much thinner than other parts of the body. Thus the rate of rejection is high and scarring can be troublesome. Compared to other commonly pierced areas, fingers have a lot of nerves and muscles that we use regularly. The thin skin as well makes it easier for the piercing to sit against muscles or bones which might cause irritation to the area.

Since the piercing basically sits on the surface of the skin, it is prone to snagging which can end up leading to rejection or infection. Also, we are always using are fingers and touching surfaces that are filled with germs and bacteria. This particular area can be quite sensitive to infections if you are not diligent about keeping the piercing clean.

While there are several risks to consider before getting an engagement ring piercing, the best way to ensure your piercing is not rejected or becomes infected is to find an experienced professional piercer and be diligent about aftercare.

Trend vs. Tradition

Engagement ring piercings seem to be growing in popularity among young couples. They are definitely a statement making version of an engagement ring. However, keep in mind if you are looking for a timeless way to symbolize your relationship, a piercing might not have the same staying power as an actual ring.

Following the trend of engagement ring piercings might be tempting for some, but an engagement ring is meant to be a piece of jewelry that you keep forever. It can become an heirloom that passes on to your grandchildren then to their grandchildren. Trends may come and go, but you want to have a lasting symbol of your love for one another.

One solution to deciding whether to get the engagement ring piercing or an actual engagement ring is to simply get both. This way you can enjoy the trend of the piercing but also have the option of taking it out and wearing your ring instead.

Whether or not you are loving or hating this new engagement ring trend, it is definitely one you will likely see on Instagram more and more. If you are looking to go against the grain, or simply looking for a way to not lose your engagement ring, an engagement ring piercing might be the perfect way to have your engagement ring with you all day, every day.