Elisabeth Moss drinks and devours as Shirley Jackson in this vicious trailer for Shirley


Elisabeth Moss is The Haunting of Hill House author Shirley Jackson in Shirley, a volatile thriller that’s no mere biopic. Based on Susan Scarf Merrell’s 2014 novel, it drops a young married couple in the maelstrom that is Jackson’s marriage with Michael Stuhlbarg’s Stanley Edgar Hyman. “The middle-aged couple, prone to ruthless barbs and copious afternoon cocktails, begins to toy mercilessly with the naïve young couple at their door,” reads a synopsis.

director Josephine Decker, a filmmaker we’ve praised for her ability to blur life and art, is behind the camera, while Martin Scorsese is listed as an executive producer.

Shirley, whiskey floating on her breath, storms onto VOD on June 5.