Do not reply to this ’emergency’ text


A strange text message scam making the rounds has alarmed a number of recipients.

Multiple people have reported receiving a concerning text message from an unknown number asking for urgent emergency assistance.

The message usually says something along the lines of: “Please call me back right away. It is an emergency. I need your help!”

According to ScamWatch, when people call the number they are met with a confronting recording.

In the recording, multiple voices can be heard saying “hello” and “are you OK” before the message turns into verbal abuse and swearing.

“This is a new and emerging issue,” ScamWatch said in a statement.

“While people have not yet reported losing money as a result of these calls, you may find the content of the recording distressing.”

The organisation is urging people not to respond to these messages.

Richmond Police District recently released a warning about the messages after a Ballina resident reported receiving the alarming text.

The resident told police when they called the number the recording of swearing went on for “well over five minutes”.

“It would appear the recording is of reactions to the message when no one answers,” the police Facebook post read.

The post warned it could be a way of collecting mobile phone numbers as there doesn’t seem to be any monetary gain involved.

Other victims have taken to social media to warn others about the scam.

One woman claimed she called the number “only to get an earful of abuse”.

Others claimed they had received multiple text messages from numbers they didn’t recognise, along with missed calls.

“I got this one scared the sh*t outta me … so cruel,” another person said.

Anyone who receives this type of message is being urged not to reply and to block the number.