Dennis Quaid’s Life is Now a Real-Life Version of ‘The Parent Trap’


Despite his roles in films as diverse as 1999’s Any Given Sunday, 2002’s Rookie, 2004’s The Day After Tomorrow, 2011’s Footloose and his current war film Midway (out November 8), Dennis Quaid is often still thought of for his huggable role as the vineyard-owning dad in the 1998 remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap, which grossed $66.3 million globally.

And it seems like that might be the film he’s modeling his real life after as well.

This past weekend, the 65-year-old actor got engaged to University of Texas PhD student Laura Savoie in Hawaii.

The catch? The move in his personal life is so reminiscent of the fictional storyline in The Parent Trap that nostalgic 90s fans – including his old costar – are likening his new romance to the film. After all, the math does line up.

1- Quaid’s new fiancée is a 26-year-old businesswoman – the same as his Parent Trap fiancée

Like the character Meredith Blake who was his fiancée in the film, Savoie is exactly 26 years old. Blake was working for Quaid’s character Nick as his publicist and Savoie appears to be quite the businesswoman as well. She’s currently registered at the university’s McCombs School of Business and has her real estate license in California.

2- He also has twins – who happen to be the same age as the movie twins

Quaid has fraternal twins – son Thomas Boone and daughter Zoe Grace – from his 12-year marriage to Kimberly Buffington. Since they split in 2016, they share physical custody. And in another coincidence, even though his movie twins, Hallie and Annie, were two girls, they all happen to be 11 years old.

In the scene where the Annie (as Hallie) first meets Blake, she calls her out on the age difference. “I’ll be 12 soon, how old are you?” the young girl asks Blake who responds with “26.”

“Only 15 years older than me? How old are you again dad?” the precious preteen asks.

But Quaid’s character is quick to shove the comment aside, noting: “Wow, we’re suddenly so interested in math.”

3- Like his character, the engagements happened fast

In the Disney family flick, Hallie has only been off to summer camp for eight weeks when she comes back to find a new woman in her father’s life who already has a ring on her finger.

Likewise, Quaid proposed to Savoie after just a few months of dating, since they were most notably first spotted together in May. But as of last December, Quaid was still dating another woman.

4- Both his Parent Trap fiancée and his real one are “young and beautiful”

Physically, both of his on-screen and off-screen fiancées happen to have a trademark look of blonde hair and deep red lips. In the movie, Blake declares, “Being young and beautiful is not a crime, you know.”

And in real-life, the actress who played Blake, Elaine Hendrix, responded to the news of Quaid’s engagement with a perfectly put: “Watch out for those twins,” along with the emoji of the two dancing girls.