Dem lawmaker predicts Trump Jr., Kushner will be indicted by Mueller


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Cohen offered no evidence for his assertion, which appeared to take CNN host Wolf Blitzer off guard. But he said he believed investigators were getting closer to knowing the truth of whether there are links between hacks of Democrats by Russia, and the Trump campaign.

“I think they’re getting closer to knowing that the truth is going to come out that there was activities with the Trump campaign and Russia in releasing those hacks and guiding them to the states and the localities where they came from,” Cohen said.

“Some of that was Jared Kushner’s responsibilities, some of it was Donald [Trump] Jr. I think you’re probably going to see indictments of both of those people.”

When Blitzer pressed Cohen on why he thought the two men would be indicted, he said: “Well I think they were probably the people in connection with the Russians and conspiracy to affect the elections.”

“Time will show whether I’m correct or not,” he added. “I believe I am correct. If it walks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. And you can see where it’s going.”

Cohen has a history of making bold claims that he has later taken back. Earlier this month, he apologized for saying that FBI agent Peter Strzok deserved a Purple Heart for enduring a congressional hearing where he was ripped by Republicans over texts that they feel betrayed an anti-Trump bias.