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Get great deals on all 3 Kindle e-readers! To make the sale even better, they include $30 worth of Kindle Unlimited for free access to millions of books!

Father’s Day is this weekend and Amazon is trying to help out in that sometimes-difficult gift buying direction with a discount on their Kindles. But, of course, you can buy these for yourself or for anyone else as well – especially if you value something like Kindle Unlimited!

Deal Alert: 3 Great Kindle Device Package Deals from $69

While Amazon discounts their basic model ( now with a built-in light) and their Kindle Paperwhite a few times per year. But, this time they are also discounting their high-end Kindle Oasis. To make it all better, they are also allowing you to bundle 3 months of Kindle Unlimited with the deal prices as well – for free!

If you were to go buy a Kindle right now, you may miss out on the 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited – it is not automatically included. Just clicking that button does not change the price but gives you $30 of Kindle Unlimited for free. That really makes this deal even better than the deals last year. Especially for travelers, Kindle Unlimited is an awesome option ( every Lonely Planet Guidebook is included in the Kindle Unlimited option).

Each of the links below include the Kindle Unlimited 3 month option. Just be aware that it is auto-renewal!

If you have the Amazon Prime credit card, you can get 10% back in rewards on the Kindle Paperwhite. Also, if you start your Kindle shopping through TopCashBack, you will earn another 8% cash back from them!

Which Kindle to Choose?

I have owned/used pretty much every Kindle model – ever! I am a huge Kindle fan and love what the 2018/2019 Kindles have done. So, with a gap of $130 from the cheapest to the most expensive, which one should you choose?

The basic Kindle at $69 is an absolute steal since it now comes with a built-in light. If you only care about having the option to read at night as well as during the day, go with the basic Kindle.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a sweet spot in that it is waterproof and also has a better built-in light. It has a slightly better build and the speed of page turns is faster. It also has as resolution that is almost twice that of the basic Kindle as well as offering twice the memory in the $99 version which is great since all models now come with Audible support.

Finally, the Kindle Oasis is the pinnacle of e-readers. The metal construction is awesome and the thin side is ridiculously thin. The biggest upgrade, besides design, over the Paperwhite is the extra inch of display – 7″ vs the 6″ on other models. The Oasis also has actual page-turn buttons and light-sensing technology to aid in the amount of light that the display is using.

Having owned all of them, I would say that the Kindle Paperwhite is the best buy and value for most people out there.

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