Daredevil’s Incredible Prison Fight Scene Isn’t Eligible for a Stunt Emmy for a Silly Reason


Time is everything, and it happens to be Daredevil ‘s worst enemy where the Emmys are concerned.

Time limits, in particular-and not just the three-season limit imposed by the show’s untimely cancellation. According to Erik Oleson, the late show’s showrunner, the best and most striking sequence from Daredevil‘s final season-a rousing eleven-minute one-shot prison riot/escape/fight sequence is ineligible for this year’s Emmy award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series, or Movie due to its length.

“The TV Academy would only allow a three minute clip, so, unfortunately, that epic oner was not eligible to be shown for stunts consideration,” Oleson confirmed on Twitter.

Daredevil season three is streaming now on Netflix (check out our review here!). Have you gotten to …

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Which is unfortunate, because that entire sequence is a stunt marvel, with extras and stunt doubles weaving in and out of the ongoing shot to create a seamless, violent whole. We called it a tremendous achievement. Whatever is in the running for Outstanding Stunt, I highly doubt it’ll be as impressive as this.

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