Danny Boyle swears off franchise movies for good after Bond 25 issues


Back in August, Danny Boyle dropped out of directing Bond 25 over “creative differences,” with those differences not getting clarified and Cary Fukunaga eventually coming along to replace him, but apparently the whole experience was bad enough to sour Boyle on all franchise movies. Speaking with Metro, Boyle says working on Bond 25 taught him that he’s “not cut out” for franchise movies because you just end up “digging in the same hole.” He also explained that part of the reason he left is that he didn’t want to work with anyone but his usual writers, specifically John Hodges. The studio apparently wanted to bring in someone else, and Boyle didn’t like that, so he just left the project entirely and decided not to do any more franchise movies.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that this is hardly some big loss for franchise films. Boyle doesn’t really make sequels, save for his own T2 Trainspotting(remember when that happened?), which is why it was such a big deal that he was making a James Bond movie. Now, having sworn off franchise movies, he’ll just… keep doing what he’s been doing for his entire career. Hopefully this still means he can do a sequel to Yesterday, though, where more iconic musical groups get erased from existence.