Cuomo giving parolees right to vote via executive order


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said on Wednesday that he will sign an executive order giving all parolees in New York the right to vote.

The announcement comes after he noted that the New York Legislature voted down such a measure.

“I’m going to make it law by executive order,” Cuomo said during a speech to the National Action Network’s annual conference.

“In this state, when you’re released from prison and you’re on parole, you still don’t have the right to vote,” Cuomo said. “Now how can that be? You did your time. You paid your debt. You’re released, but you still don’t have a right to vote.”

The exact details of his executive order have yet to be released.

The two-term governor is currently in an increasingly competitive battle for the governor’s mansion.

Actress Cynthia Nixon launched a challenge from the left for the Democratic nomination last month, accusing Cuomo of being too much of a centrist.

Cuomo currently leads Nixon by more than 30 points, according to a Siena College poll, but Nixon has narrowed Cuomo’s lead by 16 points in less than one month.