Community is finally coming to Netflix


Great news for anyone who struggles to remember more than one streaming password on any given day: After years of exclusivity to Hulu, beloved former NBC sitcom -the crown jewel in the Yahoo! Screen collection!-is finally making its way to Netflix. , the Dan Harmon-created series, which ran for six seasons sans movie from 2009 to 2015, will arrive on the service on April 1.

It can, of course, be difficult to keep perfect track of where any given show is streaming at any given moment-as our office’s regular games of “Where is Frasier now?” can blatantly attest. Community has been pretty stable, though, sticking with Hulu despite the pleas of all of us who would just like all the crap we like to be dumped into a single subscription bucket, please. (Not you, cable. Sit down.)

For those of you who’ve never watched it, we’re comfortable calling Community “a good show”-maybe even “13th best show of its decade” good, if we were going to pull a number out of the air at random. Intelligent-both emotionally, and otherwise-self-referential (sometimes to a fault), and relentlessly inventive, it helped set a precedent for the last several years of increasingly experimental TV. It also has where Paul F. Tompkins tries to seduce Abed by talking a lot about , and you know that shit is catnip for us.

Anyway! Hey, Netflix: Now that you’re streaming the show, where the hell’s that movie, huh?

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