Chipotle says it will hike the cost of burritos if Trump slaps tariffs on Mexico and this is one credit-card rewards program you may want to skip



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Personal Finance
Did you have heart surgery? Doctors have this piece of advice to help you live longer

A recent paper looks at how to improve the outcome of patients with coronary heart disease.

My in-laws want to give us over $100,000, but they’ll tell us how to spend it – should I tell them to keep their money?

‘They already helped us buy our house, one that we otherwise would not have been able to afford.’

IRS says evangelist’s generous tips to waiters aren’t tax deductible

A new court decision took issue with the $40,000 Robert Oliveri racked up in expenses, including trips on private planes.

The frustrating reason college students miss out on finding the right federal-aid loans

A new study sheds light on how the complicated design of student-aid programs affects borrowing decisions.

Trump’s Mexico tariffs could drain nearly 40,000 jobs from America’s economy

One estimate says tariffs on Chinese goods could cost American households $831 a year.

Chipotle says it will hike the cost of burritos if Trump slaps tariffs on Mexico

More than three-quarters of avocados in the U.S. were imported from Mexico last year.

More than half of community colleges are too expensive for low-income students

New research highlights the challenges students face finding an affordable college.

This is one credit-card rewards program you may want to skip

The Petal Card is aimed at people who are building their credit score. But financial experts say the rewards program could work against that goal.

Costco is selling $400,000 Tiffany-style diamond rings

The warehouse retailer is typically known for bargain-basement prices on everything from toilet paper and tampons to frozen pizzas.

Can anything be done to prevent gun violence at work?

A gunman in Virginia Beach killed 12 people at work Friday after resigning from his job, reports say.

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Trump Today: President suggests AT&T boycott as he begins U.K. visit

President Trump on Monday slammed AT&T as he arrived in the United Kingdom for a state visit, suggesting a boycott of the company over what he says is negative coverage by CNN.

Fox News host wants Gillibrand to be ‘polite’ and stop criticizing the network

‘I understand, maybe, to make your credentials with the Democrats who are not appearing on Fox News, you want to attack us,’ host Chris Wallace told the New York senator during a Fox town hall.

Antismoking groups say bill that lifts tobacco-buying age to 21 has a big flaw

The industry’s lobbying spending is near a five-year high as lawmakers on Capitol Hill weigh a number of ‘Tobacco 21’ bills.

Brexit Brief: Trump lands in the U.K., vouching for prominent Brexiteers

Trump has already ruffled political feathers in the U.K., criticizing outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations and vouching for Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

The one must-know thing that could help marijuana investors

Segmented money flows in 17 marijuana stocks reveal investors’ views.