Children found locked in dog cage, living in deplorable conditions, Wise County deputies say


RHOME, Texas – Deputies discovered a horrific scene of child abuse and neglect at a home Tuesday morning.

According to Wise County deputies, they received a call at about 7:20 a.m. on a report of domestic violence at a house off County Road 4930 near Newark, about 30 miles north of Fort Worth.

When deputies arrived, they found cuts to the man’s face and heard children inside a barn, according to Sheriff Lane Akin, with the Wise County Sheriff’s Department. Authorities said when deputies searched the property, they found two children locked in a dog kennel together. Deputies said two other children also showed signs of malnutrition and that food inside the home had been locked up, not reachable by the children. The children were in the age range of one to five years old.

Deputies noticed feces scattered throughout the house.

The man was sent to the hospital with cuts. A woman is currently in custody on a charge of domestic abuse, but deputies said there may be additional charges.

Deputies said they fed the children, who were sent to the hospital for medical evaluations. Multiple agencies are at the scene investigating.

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