Cat Goes to Groomer for a Haircut, Leaves Looking Like the Feline Version of a Slinky


Can dads be trusted to make good grooming choices? Twitter user @caitchristinee likely doesn’t think so.

On Friday, model/actress Caitlin Christine posted photos of her family cat Oliver’s new look.

According to her tweets, the fluffy grey cat was taken to the groomer, after waiting two months for an appointment, by her father. It seems, based on the text posted in the tweet, @caitchristinee’s mom expected Oliver to come back with relatively the same amount of fur as when he went in, instead he came back looking like a feline slinky.

Oliver’s dad obviously opted to get a more extravagant cut for the cat that involved getting rings of fur shaved off around the pet’s body.

@Caitchristinee posted photos of Oliver’s Dr. Seuss-like look on Twitter with the caption “I’m so done with today.”

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While the model’s mom might not be a huge fan of Oliver’s new fur, Twitter loved it. The tweet showcasing the cat’s hairdo earned 103,000 retweets and 395,000 likes.

Oliver now has his own Instagram account, where his new fans can watch his slinky cut grow out.