Buy Your Dog a Set of Summer Booties


If you’re a dog owner in a place with cold or snowy winters, you’re probably used to wrangling your pup into a pair of dog booties to protect their paws from the cold, ice and salt. But those paws need protection from burning hot summer pavement, too.

Reddit user u/RealSimplexity put that PSA out this week to pet owners who are very likely wearing shoes themselves during those hot summer walks and may forget that paws can burn just like feet can:

As I was passing a corner store today I spotted a poor pup trying his heart out to keep his feet off the burning sidewalk. Most people don’t think about it outright but the pads on animals will burn on hot surfaces just like yours. (Especially during the hot summers.) Normally if it burns you it will burn them. You can buy some pretty cheap booties online and save your furry friends some pain!

They say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, but even mad (or sad, or glad) dogs …

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VetsNow, an emergency vet service in the UK, suggests that dog owners utilize the “seven-second rule.” Place the back of your hand on the surface of the ground for seven seconds. If you struggle to hold it down, it’s too hot. Or just walk on it with bare feet for a few seconds and see how quickly you start hopping around.

(Also, if you want to see what a dog’s burned paw looks like, click through to VetsNow’s article. If I wasn’t already convinced, that photo would have done it for me.)

If your dog does get dry paws from the weather, u/vollkoemmenes suggests applying a paw balm on their pads, which will help moisturize and protect them.

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