Bryce Dallas Howard teases more familiar cameos for Jurassic World 3


The best moments of the first Jurassic World were when it directly called back to the original Jurassic Park movies (an old pair of night vision goggles has never been more crowd-pleasing), and so the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, leaned into that a little more with an actual appearance from Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm. It only ended up being a glorified cameo, the sort of thing that they could put in every single trailer even though it didn’t impact the movie very much, but it looks like the next Jurassic World movie will make more of an effort to include some more of our old Jurassic Park pals.

Speaking with MTV News at the Rocketman premiere ( via The Playlist), Bryce Dallas Howard fell for a clever trick from the interviewer about whether she was looking forward to working with original Jurassic Park stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum. Howard, not struggling very hard to hide her enthusiasm, said “very much so” and then tried to qualify that by saying that she doesn’t know what has “been confirmed or whatever.” MTV News took that as a confirmation, though it is worth noting that plans have a tendency to change or fall through, so this doesn’t necessarily mean that Dern, Neill, and Goldblum will be showing up. That being said, they studio does have to top the last movie somehow, so it seems natural to go from night vision goggles to Goldblum and then to the whole trinity.

The third Jurassic World movie will be released in June of 2021, and if it seems surprising that they’re making a third one of these after Fallen Kingdom failed to make as much of an impact as the first movie, let’s just say that life… finds a way.