Brooks Brothers 25% + Extra 15% off Sale Section


Brooks Brothers sale section? It’s good. Extra 25% off? Even better. AND there’s a code out there that somehow stacks on top of that?

Ring a ding ding.

And YOU get a sportcoat! And YOU get a sportcoat!

The one trouble is sifting through all this stuff. There is a LOT in their sale section right now. And Brooks Brothers, apparently playing off their stereotype, isn’t exactly the most lickety split of websites out there. So, (prepare for 3rd person) Joe got himself a slice of banana bread and another cup of coffee and he scrolled through the whole lot of it. Note that Red Fleece stuff is NOT getting the discount, nor are select shoes and shirts. Here’s the best of the best.

Italian lambswool. Perfect dark blue plaid pattern that’s nails on for the season. Looks a little more wintery/fuzzy. Good thing we’re heading into that time of year. In their Regent fit, which is fitted but not true slim/tight.

Have it. Love. Extremely nice. Wears a bit more like a true sportcoat and less like a knit. It’s a little trimmer than their other Regent fits, but still, a 41R in the Regent Fit fits me great (and I do usually wear a 41R in their Regent fit).

Looking for something similar to the previously mentioned, gray, broken-bone gray knit sportcoat? Try this. I’m thinking it’s basically the same thing… only blue. And plaid.


Would I use it as my everyday briefcase? No. I can’t stand messengers with a back stitched handle like that. They always flop around awkwardly. I need two grab handles on either side to balance the thing out. BUT. Am I seriously considering getting it and ditching the fugly black nylon camera bag our DSLR is in? You bet. Maybe.

Holy moly that’s fancy. But it’s their top of the line Golden Fleece collection. Made in the USA from Italian, double sided wool.

For those who are fully committed to the “less-to-no-structure” thing. Unconstructed outerwear. Who’d a thunk. Allegedly these are true slims, so, be prepared to size up.

A standard. Nice, Italian hopsack wool. Regent Fit = athletic. A little tapered at the sides but not slim or tight. Year round worthy. Sizes are scattered depending on the color you’re after.

Buy the sweater, drink the rum, sing the sea shanties, avoid the vitamin C, get the scurvy, have the teeth fall out of your head, and live yo best, authentic, yo-ho-ho life.

Conservative? Yes. Absurd price? Also yes. Four colors to pick from, but it looks like the navy (not a shock here) is all but sold out.

Another USA made suit. Regent fit here, slightly more exciting pattern. Would wear. Would absolutely wear.

Sadly, the extra 25% off doesn’t work here, but the extra 15% off code SHOULD stack. Select colors and patterns here.

Italian wool? Not some poly or cotton poly blend? That’s certainly a big upgrade for many of us. Just size small left though.

100% Italian linen. Nice looking mother of pearl style buttons. Shaker stitch + the linen yarn = texture for days.

When I go live in a house in the woods, I will wear one of these, as well as one of those matching sleeping caps with the ball on the end, and I will investigate all things that go bump in the night with an old school bulls-eye lantern and a flintlock pistol.

We all have dreams. You have yours. That happens to be mine.

The Brooks Brothers extra 25% off deal ends on Friday 10/18. I don’t know when the BC1818 code expires. Also, the banana bread wasn’t worth it. Imagine that. Also, my laptop just about crashed and burned three times during all the scrolling. It was like I was playing Mario brothers and too many Koopa Troopas were on the screen. Thanks Brooks Brothers Web Team!