Border Patrol agent arrested, accused of killing four women


Authorities in Texas said Saturday that a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent has been arrested on suspicion of killing four women and abducting a fifth.

Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar said during a news conference that the agent, identified as Juan David Ortiz, was arrested Saturday, according to multiple reports.

The sheriff said that Ortiz was a 10-year veteran supervisor with Border Patrol, local NBC/ABC affiliate KGNS reported.

Webb County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz said authorities were able to find Ortiz after a woman he allegedly kidnapped tried to escape. Ortiz was captured in the parking lot of a Laredo, Texas, hotel after fleeing from state troopers.

Alaniz said that Ortiz will face four murder charges and one count of aggravated kidnapping, according to KGNS.

“We want to reassure the citizens of Laredo that the community and your families are safe,” the Laredo Police Department said in a statement on Saturday afternoon, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“There has been a recent breakthrough in the investigations and there has been someone detained. That information belongs to the corresponding agencies who are handling the information and will make a more in depth release at the appropriate time. We value the release of timely information and we are making this notice public in order to remove any unnecessary fear in the community.”