Bold Colour and Dramatic Flair


“I definitely use a LOT more colour now. Partly because I am older and I need more colour to make my skin look fresh, and partly because I’ve had a colour consultation with some real experts, and I’m more educated on the topic. I now really see the difference that wearing warm-toned bright colours makes on my skin. I still wear some black, but`I wear only warm toned makeup to compensate. I still adore sparkle, so sequins will forever be the first thing that catches my eye.

Another way my style has changed is I am very conscious of the provenance of my clothes now. Who made them? Under what conditions? What is the ethos behind the company who made them? I buy less but I buy better. I look for versatility. This has had an impact on my style because it means I buy high quality well-made investment pieces and no fast fashion. Traditionally, people think of investment pieces as navy, black, camel, or grey; since that doesn’t work in my more colourful ‘statement’ wardrobe, my investment pieces are a long orange wool coat, a bright green cashmere sweater, a red cashmere cape, or a multicoloured bag that works with almost all of my outfits.”

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