‘Blessed to Be an American’: Gary Sinise Talks Service to Veterans, ‘Difficult Moments’ in Life


Renowned actor Gary Sinise joined Neil Cavuto on “Your World” Tuesday to discuss the release of his book, “Grateful American – A Journey From Self to Service.”

Cavuto called the book “a real tear-jerker” and played a montage of “thank you’s” from several celebrities who credited Sinise for his service to America and its veterans.

Tom Hanks, who starred alongside Sinise in “Forrest Gump,” offered a message to Sinise in the video, along with Ron Howard, Joe Mantegna and Jay Leno.

Sinise and Mantegna regularly co-host television coverage of the National Memorial Day concert on Capitol Hill.

Completely shocked and speechless by this surprise video. Incredibly touched and grateful by everyone’s support. I’m crying, so choked up, I thought I’d share. https://t.co/Q0j2C1hWLu via @YouTube

– Gary Sinise (@GarySinise) February 12, 2019

Sinise said that when he started writing the book, he tried to capture the sense of his support for the military and veterans over the years.

“[The book] expanded into a broader look at how I got [into] all that service work, how that shaped who I am,” he said.

Sinise said he decided to also write about difficult moments in his and his wife’s life as well.

“At the same time [Forrest Gump] was happening, there were very serious things at home,” he said.

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Sinise said that “Forrest Gump” propelled him into popularity among disabled veterans, since his character Lt. Dan Taylor was a double amputee.

He spoke of how he went to a disabled veterans convention and was shocked by the applause and support he received when he was recognized.

“I feel blessed to be an American,” he said. “… to use the success I’ve had in the movie business to do something positive.”

“I made this connection with our… wounded veterans,” he said. “I’m just grateful.”

Sinise’s band, the Lt. Dan Band, has toured warzones many times, to brighten the days of our service members.

Watch more above.

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