Billy Graham Calls out Undertaker; Sasha Banks and Velveteen Dream in WWE News

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Superstar Billy Graham Calls out Undertaker for Goldberg Botch

Wrestling legend Superstar Billy Graham posted a message criticizing the Undertaker’s performance at WWE SuperShowdown, saying Goldberg was lucky to leave the match in good health following a botched Tombstone:

Goldberg vs Undertaker = Concussion

“Well fans, I only saw a 20 second clip where the Undertaker dropped Goldberg dead on his head and you could see Goldberg’s neck wobble as it hit the mat, in a botched Pile Driver by the Undertaker. Goldberg got a concussion out of the match plus about 2 million dollars. I am happy for Goldberg that he will be able to spend that nice pay day in a standing, upright position and not in a wheel chair paralyzed from the neck down. I would never tell the Undertaker when to retire but I certainly would not want to be the Undertaker’s next victim. Yeah, I know it was about 100 degrees in the ring, so don’t give me that excuse. The simple fact is the Undertaker didn’t have control of Goldberg and dropped him on his head, lucky for Goldberg he didn’t fly back to the good ol USA, strapped down on a gurney. S.B.G.”

The Taker-Goldberg match was nothing short of a botch-filled mess, starting hot before becoming arguably the worst match WWE has put on this year. Asking two 50-something men to carry a main event in sweltering heat probably wasn’t the best call in the first place, but it was clear neither of those men can go at this point in their careers like they used to.

While Taker was the focus of Graham’s message, Goldberg also botched a Jackhammer attempt, and the two failed to pull off a Tombstone reversal at the end of the match. Undertaker won via chokeslam when the two could not pull off the planned ending.

Sasha Banks Posts Cryptic Tweet from NXT Ring

The continuing saga of Sasha Banks’ WWE absence continued over the weekend when she posted an old picture of herself in an NXT ring:

$asha Banks @SashaBanksWWE

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere…”

Banks has clearly become disenchanted with WWE following her and Bayley’s Women’s Tag Team Championship loss at WrestleMania. She has not appeared on WWE television since, with her absence being viewed as a break to avoid her leaving the company.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported last month that Banks met with Vince McMahon, and she could return to WWE action this summer.

That said, it’s clear Banks is longing a bit for her past away from the main roster.

Velveteen Dream Seemingly Defends Vince McMahon on IG

Velveteen Dream took to his Instagram story Monday, seemingly placing the blame on his fellow wrestlers for failing to entertain with the scripts given.

The transcript of Dream’s posts is via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc.:

Let’s play a game… Is it fair 2 critique Vince? I mean after all WWE is a form of entertainment. U do know WWE is a TV show, Right!?!? WWE Is A TV Show Put On Cable and Network TV George Lucas Directed STAR WARs VINCE MCMAHON Directs RAW, SmackDown, 205Live and he’s directed everything else U’ve watched from WWE over the last 40years Point Is: When TV sucks it’s because the Actors and Entertainers and StuntMen FAILED 2 Entertain U VINCE CAN WRITE ALL DAY IT’S UR “FAVORITES” THAT HAVE 2 MAKE IT ENTERTAINING STAR WARS WAS GREAT IN THE 90S TOO! The New Ones SUCK BECAUSE THE NEW ACTORS SUCK. And Yes This Is Still A WWE THREAD I Meant DREAM OVER

McMahon has taken a ton of criticism lately due to WWE’s declining ratings and frustrating product. Jon Moxley went on a podcast tour after his departure from the company, blasting McMahon for WWE’s creative process, which ultimately led to his departure from the company.

To be fair to Dream: He does not yet know the main roster frustrations. He’s currently in NXT, where it appears nearly every superstar is happy before coming up to the main roster. On the main roster, a certain level of disenchantment has set in with some people in the locker room-along with frustrations from fans about their NXT favorites being “wasted.”

The common denominator here is McMahon, whose greatest accomplishments came when he allowed talent to work towards getting themselves over during the Attitude Era. NXT is a more “independent” offshoot of WWE and is by far its best creative product.