Best of the Week: Trump’s Coronavirus Lies and Fake Meat


Do you all remember when coronavirus wasn’t on our minds? I can’t remember the last time I didn’t think about coronavirus, and it has literally changed my normal routine (I’m currently on lockdown). However dire things may appear, I thoroughly believe that the world will overcome this. It won’t be easy and it will require painful sacrifices, but we will make it through.

Here are the best Gizmodo stories of the week. First of all, I advise you all to take President Donald Trump’s words with a grain a salt these next few weeks. As we reported, Trump’s speech about the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, was full of lies that had to be corrected overnight. So don’t believe everything you hear, and remember it’s best to check those remarks with a source you trust (like Gizmodo, for example).

Additionally, it’s important to remember that there are more topics in this world besides coronavirus. For instance, you haven’t seen a weird fossil until you’ve seen this fossil. A tiny, 14-millimeter-long hummingbird-size dinosaur skull was found in amber, a finding that raises important questions about the evolution of birds. The research reveals that the Mesozoic era was famous for producing giant animals, but apparently also miniaturized ones.

If you just want to really disconnect, I strongly recommend our fake meat taste test. Our reporter this week published his own comparison of plant-based fake meats from Trader Joe’s, Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger. Haven’t you just always wondered? I love burgers, and I know I sure have.

Check out these blogs and more below. Have a great week.