Best Coast will be the house band on Fred Savage’s aftershow parody What Just Happened??!


This summer, Fox will be airing a weekly Talking Dead-style post-show discussion panel with host Fred Savage unpacking all of the biggest twists and turns from the most recent episode of hit sci-fi show The Flare (an adaptation of a hit sci-fi novel)-or at least that’s the premise of What Just Happened??!, a very real parody show that will involve comedic discussions of a very fake show based on a very fake book. Now we also know that the real show based on a fake show will have a real house band, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that Best Coast will be joining Fred Savage on the phony talk show for some reason, possibly to play some new tunes inspired by the events of that week’s episode of The Flare (which, once again, is not real).

THR also says that Taylor Tomlinson-a comedian who appeared on Netflix’s The Lineup and was on Last Comic Standing in 2015-will be Savage’s co-host on What Just Happened??! (which is real). Savage is playing himself on the show, since in the What Just Happened??! universe he was a big fan of the book that inspired The Flare, but it’s unclear if Tomlinson will also be playing a version of herself… or if the members of Best Coast will be playing themselves, for that matter. Maybe in the What Just Happened??I universe they’re in a different band? Or maybe Beach House was never real, and the band’s whole career was viral marketing for a fake show called The Flare?