[Back] Fluz app: Buy $15 Amazon gift cards with 1% back + Walmart w/ $10 minimum


Update 8/4/20: Amazon is back with a $15 minimum and now there is also Walmart available with 0.5% cash back and a $10 minimum. Both are great when stacked with the Amex Shop Small offers noted below. H/T: Doctor of Credit


Stephen has written about the Fluz app a couple of times lately, including that purchases of gift cards through the app have been triggering Amex Small Business Credits. Good news for those with credits yet to use: Doctor of Credit reported earlier that Amazon gift cards are back on the app with 1% cash back.

The Deal


  • Gift card app Fluz is offering Amazon gift cards in denominations starting at $15 with 1% cash back
  • t

  • If you’re new to Fluz, here are our referral links. You’ll received 3 vouchers (good for up to 35% back on select gift cars – not Amazon – and a cap of $3.50 per voucher) when joining, while we’ll earn 1 voucher after you make your first purchase.

Quick Thoughts

I only recently started using Fluz myself, but it seems that Amazon gift cards have come and gone and are not always available in such small denominations. The deal here isn’t the 1% cash back (though that doesn’t hurt). The $15 denomination is a nice deal right now given that such a purchase should trigger the $5 small business credit if you have synced that up. See Stephen’s earlier post: Fluz App: Gift Card Purchases Earning $5 Shop Small Amex Offer Statement Credit.

Note also that UberEats and DoorDash gift cards are available for 20% cash back for those with vouchers for joining and/or referring friends and family, which could be a nice deal as well (remember the cap of $3.50 cash back per voucher on that).

This is a nice little deal for those with credits to use. There’s no telling how long it will last.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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