Apple on COVID-19 Coronavirus: Donations, Store Closings, WWDC and More


Apple has released a statement addressing their response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has been affecting the entire world. The statement details many of the steps Apple has taken in response.


  • Apple has committed $15 million in donations to the global response
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  • Apple is matching employee donations two-to-one to support COVID-19 response efforts
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  • All Apple retail stores outside of Greater China will close until March 27
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  • Flexible work arrangements available to employees
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  • Extensive, deep cleaning will continue at all sites
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  • All hourly workers will continue to receive pay in alignment with business as usual operations
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  • Expanded leave policies
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  • Apple News has launched a new COVID-19 section
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  • WWDC will be online this year

Apple’s online store remains open, and for service and support, they point users to their online support site.

The statement, signed by Tim Cook, closes with the following:

There is no mistaking the challenge of this moment. The entire Apple family is indebted to the heroic first responders, doctors, nurses, researchers, public health experts and public servants globally who have given every ounce of their spirit to help the world meet this moment. We do not yet know with certainty when the greatest risk will be behind us.

And yet I have been inspired by the humanity and determination I have seen from all corners of our global community. As President Lincoln said in a time of great adversity: “The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.”

That’s always how Apple has chosen to meet big challenges. And it’s how we’ll rise to meet this one, too.


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world economy including Apple. Many other companies, organizations, and governments have been closing down activities to promote social distancing, in an attempt to reduce the transmission of the virus.