Antisemitic Crime Is on the Rise: Is This a Sign of a Coming Disaster?


Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world and this is a warning sign that must not be ignored. The increase in the number of crimes against the Jews is not only the problem for the targeted community but humanity as a whole. In this age of political and economic instabilities, having any xenophobic trends developing anywhere creates a possibility of another disaster. Humanity has a lot of experiences with genocides and acts of vandalism and violence that spiral down into anarchy. And it’s essential to prevent this history from repeating as with the modern level of sophistication of both weaponry and technology, the results of such violent acts can have planet-wide consequences.

The Rise of Anti-Semitic Crime: What Is Happening?

Anti-Semitic crime and attitudes seem to be increasing everywhere, according to the results of a survey by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency. There’s ample proof and European governments are beginning to take notice of the problem. For example, The UK National Human Rights Institution launched an investigation into the Labour Party and its reported anti-Semitic decisions.

And yet, the governmental action is definitely lacking in regard to curbing this hate crime wave. For example, the rise in attacks against Jews prompted a warning from the anti-Semitism commissioner of Germany’s government to the Jewish men. He advised them to stop wearing kippah in public.

Admittedly, this might help some innocent people to avoid unjust persecution. However, such a method does nothing to resolve the underlying problem, which is that the violence against the Jews is increasing at a frighteningly rapid pace. And with the memory of the Holocaust still living, this is a most worrying sign of where humanity is going.

The Holocaust: An Atrocity That Must Never Be Repeated

The Holocaust was the singular largest and most disgusting genocide in recorded history. The depth of this tragedy cannot be described with words. Reminders of it exist to keep it in the memory of people so they can be warned about the horrors that humans can bring into the world when they are riled up with a xenophobic idea. There are exhibits in NYC and many other cities worldwide, various events dedicated to the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and a new exhibit by the UN.

And yet, even some of these get desecrated and vandalized, like the photo exhibit of the Holocaust survivors in Vienna. The level of cruelty needed to commit such acts is astounding, which is a reason to worry. Because if there are people doing these things in this day and age, what will they do next? After all, vandalism has a tendency to devolve into far more gruesome acts of violence.

It must be noted that not every prospect is bleak. It is heartwarming to see the backlash these heinous acts face in society. In the same case of photo exhibit desecration in Vienna, the community has united to guard the exhibit and prevent any other attacks. Christians, Muslims, and regular Vienna residents have all come together to condemn the hate crimes.

Support to the attacked Jews is coming from various directions with powerful political and public figures speaking out against the attacks. These acts show that if people come together they can eradicate hate.

However, for all that this support is valuable, it’s definitely not enough to stop this wave of anti-Semitism that’s rising over Europe and the world as a whole. Governments need to become more proactive in both punishing and preventing hate crimes. One also shouldn’t forget that it’s not only the Jews who are targeted. Xenophobic acts are rising as a whole, and they must be stopped to avoid disasters like the ones that happened in the past.