Animaniacs returns to Hulu on November 20-here’s our first glimpse


They’re animan-y, totally insane-y-and now they’re almost back. As part of its virtual press tour today, Hulu announced that it’s set a premiere date for its much-anticipated revival of Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs, with the series set to return for a 13-episode new season on November 20, 2020. Yes, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner are breaking out of the Warner Bros. water tower once again-and it only took them 22 years to pull it off.

Originally announced way back in 2017, the Animaniacs revival has taken a very long trip back to the virtual airwaves, but it’s now a scant 3 months away from returning. To celebrate the milestone, Hulu released our first look at the new series (above), which looks very much like the old series, which is just fine by us, thank you very much. In addition to the return of the Warner Brothers (and sister), the series will also see the revival of murine masterminds/mindless wonders Pinky And The Brain, who’ll apparently appear in all 13 episodes of the reboot. There’s no word yet on what other beloved Animaniacs characters and features can also be expected to make a fresh appearance, but if the Wheel Of Morality doesn’t show up, we can only imagine the terrible consequences it might have for a whole generation of children’s souls.