All World Cup funds to benefit women’s game, says SFA chief executive


All funds generated by Scotland at the Women’s World Cup will be reinvested in the women’s game, says Scottish FA chief executive Ian Maxwell.

The governing body is expected to receive more than £600,000 from Fifa, with some of that already earmarked for qualification bonus payments.

It is the first time any Scotland team has appeared at a World Cup since 1998.

“Absolutely,” said Maxwell when asked if money would be reinvested wholly in the women’s game.

“It’s been a sustained period of strategic investment in the women’s game in Scotland. In terms of percentage of revenue, we are investing over 5%.

“When you look at England, while they’ve got a big headline number at close to £20m, that’s only actually 3.5% of their revenue so we have made a big commitment to women’s football and that will absolutely continue.”

Maxwell believes financial parity with the men’s game will happen eventually and he revealed that the SFA is “getting close” to securing a new national teams’ sponsor.

“Women’s football will be as commercially attractive as men’s,” he added.

“Women’s football across the globe is on a journey and events like this and Scotland qualifying brings it all to life back home and that can allow us to drive participation and engagement in the game. It really increases the profile.”