All about Lashes + Liner Makeup Demo


I love the look of a cat-eye created with soft eyeliner or eyeshadow, like this! After seeing a few photos I played around with my eye makeup routine and went with an exaggerated cat-eye to change it up a bit. I also skipped out on lower lashline eyeliner to make the focus on the lashes and liner on my upper lid.

This isn’t a dramatic shift from eye makeup I’ve done in the past, but after receiving a few questions I thought I would film a quick eyeliner focused tutorial for this look!

If you want to see a full face of makeup application, click here! Otherwise, you can see how I create the eye look below.

My must-have tools:

Charlotte Tilbury Rock N/ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in bedroom black – I swear this is the best for smudging without losing the impact of the product. It’s a very rich and pigmented black that adds a lot of intensity to the eye.

Sephora PRO Smudge Brush – I cannot do my eyeliner without this brush!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer – A brightening concealer that covers the darkest under-eye circles.

Sephora PRO Precision Concealer Brush – I don’t like using a concealer brush for under my eyes these days, but I do like it for cleaning up around my eyebrows, near my eyeliner or blemishes.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – one of my favorite “clean finish” mascaras for lots of length and definition!

I used this eyeshadow palette that I made myself! My lipstick is Hot Lips “Liv it Up” by Charlotte Tilbury.