A Guide for Men Looking to Improve Their Sexual Performance


Many men are always looking for ways to improve their sexual performance. While there are now many medications, pills, and treatments on the market, there are tons of ways to improve sexual performance naturally and without a trip to the pharmacy.

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As a general rule, things that are good for the heart are also good for sexual performance. This is because erections are determined by blood pressure, so good blood pressure means better sex. Try 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five days a week for a solid libido boost.

Don’t be afraid of your doctor.

If you have a diagnosed medical condition that’s affecting your sexual performance, or suspect you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, don’t be embarrassed about asking your doctor for help. After all, if you don’t ask, you won’t solve the problem. Getting the help you need will help you get back on track for a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Don’t be selfish.

Sex is about two people, not just one. Paying attention to what your sexual partner likes and wants makes the experience more enjoyable for both of you, not just them. Talk about what you both like and want out of your sex life, and it’s guaranteed to be better for both of you. Open communication can also allow you to feel comfortable taking a break if things are moving too fast, and you want to make it last longer.

Eat better.

There are tons of foods that can help boost blood flow to the penis, including bananas, onions, garlic (maybe not one for a date night!), and spicy foods. Oily fish that’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are also great, as are Vitamin B-rich foods such as peanuts and eggs.

Kick the habit.

Everyone has vices or habits they like to indulge in to unwind. However, some of our favorite relaxation habits, such as drinking or smoking cigarettes, can have a detrimental impact on sexual health. The odd glass of red wine might improve circulation, but too much booze can have the opposite effect. Also, stimulants such as cigarettes decrease blood flow to the penis.

Go outside.

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body that encourages sleep and limits the libido. In winter, the body naturally produces more melatonin, which makes us feel sluggish, sleepy, and less desiring of sex. On sunny days, get outside. Sunlight inhibits melatonin production and boosts both our energy levels and our libido.

Reduce stress.

Stress can also have an adverse effect on sexual performance. Reducing stress is essential to improving your sex life. The reason stress is so bad for the sex life is because it increases the heart rate and blood pressure, which reduces blood flow and can prevent erection or orgasm.

Exercise is a great de-stressor, or try breathing techniques, meditation, or other relaxation methods if that’s more your speed.