A ‘doozy’ of a cold front is coming through south and eastern Australia


It’s going to be a stormy and chilly weekend across eastern Australia – the advice is to rug up.

A “doozy” of a cold front is rolling across the country from the west. That could see a line of thunderstorms strike from the Bass Strait all the way up to the Queensland coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has said Victoria will see “wild weather” on Friday. And you might want to dig out your scarf with forecasters warning Saturday could be the coldest March day in Melbourne for four decades.

In Melbourne it will be quite the contrast in temperature with the mercury plummeting from a sunny and pleasant high of 29C on Friday to a maximum of just 15C on Saturday, and a low of 10C overnight, due to a cold polar air mass.

The cold front, bringing with it rain and a possible storm, could come through right in the middle of the Friday evening peak hour at around 5pm.

“As we move through Friday, a cool change is coming through and it’s going to be a doozy,” Sky News Weather channel meteorologist Rob Sharpe said.

The last time it was close to being this cold during March was a high of 15.3C late in the month in 2015.

“If it gets below 15.3C, and the forecast is that it’s in that ballpark, it will be the coldest March day in Melbourne for 41 years,” Mr Sharpe said.

BOM Meteorologist Richard Carlyon said the city’s evening change could be dramatic.

“We’re likely to see a band of showers and storms in the change as it moves through so brolleys might be required. There could also be strong and gusty winds,” he said.

“It will be fairly wintry tomorrow with that cold air moving across the state and showery conditions. There’s the chance of a storm and hail.”

The cold front has already charged through Adelaide. It was warmer in the SA capital at 5am today, when the mercury hit 23.3C, then 11am when it was 18.4C.

Saturday is likely to not get any higher than 18C in Adelaide with some showers, with 20C on Sunday.

Tasmania will see the cold front later this evening. A high in Hobart of 25C on Friday will drop to 16C on Saturday and 14C on Sunday with some rain. Expect overnight lows of just 8C.

Snow is likely to settle as low as 1100 metres in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

Canberra‘s high of 25C on Friday will drop to 18C on Saturday. There will be possible storms later on Friday. Early on Sunday morning the mercury could plunge to a bracing 4C.

Sydney‘s change will be less dramatic – from 28C on Friday to 23C on Sunday. However, Saturday could see some storms and up to 25mm of rain as the cold front passes. But any storms should be brief.

Just about anywhere in central and coastal NSW could see storms with heavier rainfall the closer you get to the Tasman.

In Queensland, it’s not cold. But it is wet.

“Flooding continues in Queensland as ex-Tropical Cyclone Trevor eases back,” said Mr Sharpe.

The rain from that system might be lessening but the cold front from the west will just bring more moisture.

Brisbane could see 30C on the weekend and thunderstorms on Saturday with up to 25mm of rain. In Townsville, storms are likely for the next three days with an upper limit of 35mm of rain for the next few days.

Darwin looks set to be spared the storms for the next few days. Mostly dry and sunny reaching 35C in the Top End. But not for long, with a monsoonal trough on the horizon for next week.

A sunny and warm weekend for Perth where it should top out at 33C on Sunday.